What Your Children Will Experience at Institut Préscolaire de Montréal!

Objectives of Our Educational Program

The educational program focuses on the overall harmonious development of all children, or in other words, reaching their full potential in every aspect of their personality (e.g.: emotional, social and moral, language, cognitive, physical and motor skills).

Educational activities are applied following the same basic principles and the same educational approach for all of the children.

The program promotes educational continuity involving the parents and the Institut in order to facilitate your children’s journey through kindergarten and to help them to succeed.

Morning Period – Kindergarten

  • Pre-writing

  • Science

  • Pre-reading

  • Gymnastics

  • Pre-math

  • Introduction to computers

  • Language development

  • Introduction to English

  • Visual arts

  • Music

  • Dramatic arts

  • Outdoor play area

  • Motor-skills games (fine and overall)

Afternoon Period – Workshop Games

Workshops chosen by the child with teacher supervision

  • Building games

  • Board games

  • Automobiles

  • Water and sand buckets

  • Dolls and kitchen

  • Role playing

  • Reading

  • Computers

  • Woodworking

Miscellaneous Programs

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Visits from healthcare professionals

  • Educational and cultural outings

  • Shows, birthdays, surprises

  • 2 outdoor play area (daily outings)

  • Assessment of progress (report cards, certificates)

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